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Pigeons may seem harmless, but these pest birds cause millions of dirhams in damage every year to buildings, villas, commercial towers, ventilation systems, machinery, statues, roofs, and much more.  Bird droppings and nesting materials left by pigeons pose physical problems and health hazards that can become very serious if not corrected quickly making prompt and effective professional bird control is often essential.

We offer pigeons and birds control services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Northern Emirates so you can maintain a pleasant appearance of your facility and stay in control of cleaning related matters.

we offer a smart solution to prevent their stay on the wall edges is to install spikes on your boundaries and places where they nest within your premise. With bird spikes installed within your premise, you can expect:

  • Bird control spikes for up to 24 months with guarantee
  • Maintain protection throughout for birds with non-harmful spikes
  • Remove bird invasion in different areas of your premises
  • The polycarbonate spikes reduce recurring installation expenses

Not sure what to expect after booking pigeons and birds control services with Alleserv?

We are here to examine your facility to conclude the vulnerable areas. We take everything necessary into accounts while installing the bird spikes like bird’s nesting nature, focused areas with higher chances of developing dropping situation and part of your facility that is highly crowded.

This helps us in determining the correct quantity of spikes to be installed and prevent any accidents while offering you our pigeons and birds control services in Dubai.

Dial 800-ALLE (2553) now to get the best pigeons and birds control services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Northern Emirates, and maintain a perfect, pleasant look of your facility, today.

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